Intro to Montessori Art, Music, & Poetry 112-page e-book for 3 to 6

The Introduction to Montessori Art, Music, and Poetry e-book and planner digital download is designed for parents who want to incorporate Montessori art, music, and poetry into their home environment with children aged two to nine. This 112-page e-book also includes an organizer and a three-month planner, as well as: simple lesson activities; text-only for easy printing; resources (like what and where to buy); and suggested books to read.

Table of Contents


  • How to Prepare a Montessori Home Environment for Art 7
  • Introduction to Montessori Art and Handwork 9
  • Art and Lessons (For age two to four.) 11
  • The Study of Artists and Their Art for Age Five and Up 28
  • The Study of Women Artists for Age Five and Up 28
  • The Study of Artistic Styles for Age Five and Up 29
  • Year Long Art Project Ideas from College Center Montessori School 31
  • My Art–Book Reviews 35


  • Introduction to Montessori Music 42
  • Using a Musical Instrument for Social Grace and Courtesy 44
  • Introducing Different Types of Music and Keeping a Music Journal 45
  • Music and Cosmic Education as It Relates to Music around the World 46
  • Montessori Movement: Walking on the Line 47
  • My Music Notes 48
  • Songs and Nursery Rhymes 50
  • Sound Bottles 52
  • Noise Makers 53
  • Rhythms 54
  • Circle Time (From my Montessori training manual.) 54
  • Multicultural Music and Rhythm 55
  • The Study of Musical Composers and Their Music Five and Up 61
  • Musical Instruments that I Own and Recommended 62
  • Introduce Poetry to Your Children Using the Montessori Method 62
  • How to Make a Poetry Basket 63


  • Month One 71
  • Month Two 73
  • Month Three 75
  • Your Own Weekly ART Themes 78
  • Your Own Weekly MUSIC & POETRY Themes 79
  • Suggested Weekly ART Themes for Infants Tots 80
  • Suggested Weekly ART Themes for Twos Threes 81
  • Suggested Weekly ART Themes for Four to Six 82
  • Suggested Weekly ART Themes Six to Nine 83
  • Suggested Weekly MUSIC Themes for Infants Tots 84
  • Suggested Weekly MUSIC & POETRY Themes for Twos Threes 85
  • Suggested Weekly MUSIC & POETRY Themes for Four to Six 86
  • Suggested Weekly MUSIC & POETRY Themes Six to Nine 87


  • Organize by Subjects: What to Buy or Make 89
  • Art 89
  • Music 91
  • Poetry 93
  • Art, Music, Poetry Lessons I Have Given 95
  • My Child’s Art, Music Poetry Interests 100
  • Art, Music, Poetry Milestones 102
  • Art Milestones 102
  • Music Milestones 104
  • Poetry Milestones 106
  • Art, Music, Poetry Blogs of Interest 108
  • Art, Music, Poetry Books of Interest 109
  • Art, Music, Poetry (Educational) Facebook Groups of Interest 111
  • Art, Music, Poetry Questions to Ask 112.

About me, Lisa Nolan: I am a trained and certified Montessori teacher with over 30 years of experience. I've taught Montessori in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1986. I took my Montessori primary training in 1986 at The Maria Montessori School of the Golden Gate in San Francisco with the late headmistress, Ursula Thrush. I took my Montessori elementary (6-9) training in 1988 at The Maria Montessori School of the Golden Gate in San Francisco (with the late headmistress Ursula Thrush) through the University Extension, University of California Berkeley. I received an MA from San Francisco State University in English Literature and Creative Writing.

I am also a Montessori homeschool consultant, a podcaster, a stay-at-home work-at-home mom, a semi-retired blogger, and a recovering indie publisher. I guess you can call me a one-mom operation!

~Lisa Nolan

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